My 2 Bullion: The Bad Old Days


People often ask me why I do not publicly talk trash about other teams. Do not get me wrong there are teams I despise. I go back to 1976 when I was seven and my first and only team, Tampa Bay Bucs. We were terrible but I was going to jump ship or walk the plank. There were some good times while our new team went 0-26. I still wore my Buccaneer Bruce gear. 

Ok, where am I going with this?  His name was Coach McKay and his hilarious press conferences. I have listed some of my favorite John McKay quotes: “Well, we didn’t block, but we made up for it by not tackling.”  “Can’t stop a pass, or a run…otherwise we’re in great shape.” McKay was asked what he thought of his team’s “execution.” He replied, “I’m all for it.” 

Coach McKay brought a smile to my face when my/our team was getting destroyed.  That’s just my 2 bullion.