The Greatest Super Bowl of all time?


Well, football season has come to a conclusion. Nevertheless, it could not have ended much better. Yes, I was talking about last night’s epic Super Bowl win by the patriots.

There’s just not too much say much about the game. Two words describe what occurred and that is Tom freaking Brady. I hate to say it, but Brady did it again in historic style.

As the whole world thought the Atlanta Falcons had the game in the bag. New England had something to say about it. By the way Atlanta how did you possibly let that historic 21+ point comeback by the patriots. Which never has been done in Super Bowl history.

Speaking of history, there were more records broken or tied last night. Now, Tom Brady has the most Super Bowl rings, the most passes attempted in a Super Bowl with 62, the most completions in Super Bowl with 43, the most passing yards in a Super Bowl with 466, the most all-time Super Bowl MVP honors with 4, he is the first quarterback to have three fourth quarter comebacks in the Super Bowl history, and he also has the most game winning drives in a post season with 10. “Tom is terrific.”

Congrats, to the New England Patriots for winning the Super Bowl for the fifth time in the past decade.

As for Atlanta, it was a learning experience however, it doesn’t take away from the outstanding season they had.

To Falcons fans: How does it feel to still be ringless in an epic fashion of a meltdown? Ha-ha had to throw one out there. Go Bucs!