My 2 Bullion: Could this be our diamond in the rough?


Free agency is here and the Bucs have a lot of salary-cap room, so I started looking for potential “Diamonds in the rough.” We have a few places to improve on our team, and one of those is in the backfield. Rex Burkhead from the Bengals is a workhorse and he has hands. Rex has made significant strides toward the end of the 2016 season, and another positive note is the fact that he is young. At 26 years old there is still a lot of tread on the tires so to speak.


I believe he would be a good fit in Tampa and would be an outlet in the flat as a playmaking check down for Winston. When Burkhead has had the opportunity to have touches he has excelled. He just could be a true diamond in the ruff.  Not to mention the Bucs would not take a huge hit against the salary cap. 


But that’s just my 2 bullion.