Should the Bucs look at him?


The NFL off-season is getting into full swing. Normally that means players get cut either for cap reasons or the team going in a different direction. One player that was recently released is cornerback Sam Shields.


Shields had been with the Green Bay Packers his whole 7-year pro career. But due to health concerns, the Packers parted ways with the veteran. He didn’t play last year because of a lingering concussion problem. Thus he would have to be medically cleared to play. “I don’t think we want another J.R Sweezy situation.”


It wouldn’t be bad to add another vet to our secondary just imagine Shields, Grimes, and Hargreaves on the field in the back end. Don’t forget he played at a high level before becoming injured, which is why the Packers defense suffered. Simply look at his stats Bucs fans.


In today’s game teams can never have enough corners. So, what do you think guys? Should the Bucs look into him? Of course, without forgetting he’s got to have an extensive medical evaluation. Go Bucs! The off-season speculations are only getting started!