Utah OT could be what the Bucs need.



Tampa Bay Bucs fans are looking at this year’s draft, especially the 19th pick, as a great place to select future stars. Many are of an idea that the Bucs need to address the safety position or the receiver spot with the 19th pick. Fans want safeties: Jabril Peppers, maybe Jamal Adams, or Malik Hooker, or fans want the Bucs to pick up receivers: Mike Williams, John Ross, or Corey Davis. However, those names will likely not be on the Board when it comes to our turn at 19th. But one player who fills a need and good chance of being there at 19th is the offensive tackle out of the University of Utah, Garret Bolles. The O-line needs some help, some of our current guys need to be gone. We do not need to draft a running back, and even the brass thought we did, I’m pretty sure that Dalvin Cook, the one so many fans dream about, will be long gone.


Bolles is a solid left tackle and played his position well enough that he earned All-Pac 12 recognition. He is athletic and some are even saying he is elite in that department. His blocking ability is very good as there are not many angles he cannot get to. His ability to accelerate to the block allows him to hit several targets adding extra pass blocking. His lateral quickness is out of this world making him a solid run blocker and quick to catch the edge rush. He has a mean streak and who doesn’t love that? But, he can also control his temper so it doesn’t get out of hand. The only downside I can find on Bolles is his weight, but that’s nothing a solid workout program can’t fix.