The case for re-signing Bradley McDougald


Safety Bradley McDougald may not be the best safety in the NFL, but he is solid. He is hit or miss when it comes to coverage, but he has had his moments where he plays better than the average safety.


McDougald has started all but one game in the past two seasons and last season had a career-high 79 total tackles to go along with two interceptions and 10 pass defends. I think he is worth keeping and believe the Buc should re-sign him.


The safety position was cause for concern last season, and mostly due to getting burnt deep and burnt in the middle by tight ends. Chris Conte took the brunt of most gripes.


If we are to be the team that is considered destined for the postseason, next year, then we should retain as much of our core secondary as we can, and to me, McDougald is a must. The familiarity of the system is a plus and goes a long way in achieving our goal of the postseason and beyond. Continuity is definitely key.