The speed to fill our need.


The need for speed is something Koetter has stated several times over the past two seasons and we can all agree that speed kills. We need a speedy guy that can do what Koetter said he wants, and that’s take a short pass and stretch the field with it. Adam Humphries has done that on a couple of occasions but was never seen by any DC’s as a speed threat like a DeSean Jackson.


Speaking of DeSean Jackson, he is a UFA this offseason and still can put up over 1,000 yards receiving. Tampa had a prior interest in the veteran receiver back in 2014, but it was mostly weighing options as Licht was looking at other players as well.


Many fans would love to have DeSean Jackson in a Bucs uniform and see him as the missing link to our offense. Jackson definitely brings the speed we need.


Although Jackson is getting up there in NFL age, he is only 30 and still has some gas left in the tank. Whether or not the Bucs even look into his direction this free agency is yet to be known, but what is known, that for the right price he could be a much-needed asset.


If Jackson can continue his 1,000+ yard seasons, he will be the added extra that makes a big difference in a league and a division, that thrives on that extra play and that extra score.