Value in no value.


With possible free agent QB’s like Tony Romo, Colin Kaepernick, Jay Cutler, and Tyrod Taylor coming available this offseason, what does that mean for Mike Glennon’s market value? According to Schefter and Mortensen, they earlier believed that Glennon could fetch $15 million a year, do they still think that?


The 2017 draft, while not loaded down with QB’s, does have a few that surely will see top ten selection, and one gentleman, Benjamin Allbright stated that he spoke to some people in touch with QB needy teams, about Mike Glennon, and the word came back that he has no market value. The teams spoke of were not named, however, one team I know of that has stated to have an interest in Glennon, is the Jets.


The question is, “Is Glennon worth more to another team than he is to Jason Licht?” Licht could be sitting on an offer that Glennon can’t refuse and maybe that offer will be worth more than what Glennon could fetch in the free agency.


Although, Glennon surely wants to be a starting QB, and after having a taste of being a starter during his rookie year, the idea of him being a starter somewhere is surely gnawing at him. I don’t blame him. But if you can get a solid contract to be a backup, wouldn’t you take that as well? Most would, but most aren’t Mike Glennon.


Glennon is definitely a solid presence in the war room, and it’s been said time and time again, he is a big part of the Buccaneers not just a backup  QB. And although he is not a starter in Tampa, and likely not to see any playing time behind a healthy Jameis Winston, his position in Tampa holds value.


Now as far as Allbright’s statement is concerned, likely only spoke to teams who do not want Glennon, and in turn cited that Glennon has no market value. The fact is, it only takes one team to look in his direction for his value to climb. I see that happening and by more than one team.


If you look at last year, some QB’s got astronomical amounts of dollar signs thrown at them by other teams, and some of those guys are surely not better than MG.


However, there is a strong possibility that Glennon could get a nice fat paycheck, and he should, and considering he hasn’t played much in three year’s nor did he fetch anything when Licht tried to trade him several times, makes me wonder if he won’t just sit back down in Tampa, and continue doing what he does now.


Despite what many fans say there are just as many who love MG and would love for him to stick around, but at the same time, know he deserves a shot at starting, somewhere in the league.