Bucs and Raiders top AP’s list of places to play.


The Vikings opted to not honor Adrian Peterson’s contract option, therefore, he will test the free agency. It also seems that Peterson has been doing some impromptu research on potential destinations for the past few weeks.

Several teams have intrigued the veteran running back, and the teams at the top of the list so far are the Raiders and the Buccaneers.

He also hasn’t given up on the idea of returning to Minnesota; However, he will be looking for the best opportunity to start and a contract that will allow him to earn incentives.

AP has mentioned that he wouldn’t mind ending his career in Dallas, but that is unlikely to happen as Jerry Jones will not put Elliot in a position where his impact is reduced in the offense.

Also, if Peterson is looking to start, and to receive a high-value contract, Dallas wouldn’t likely have him on their radar anyway.

He certainly will be looking for a team that he believes is a Super Bowl contender as well as looking to become a key piece of that success.

Peterson, who is now 32 years old, will want to prove that he still can play at a high level despite tearing his meniscus.