RFA Josh Gordon wants to play football again.


Will Josh Gordon be allowed to play again? We will find out soon enough.

Gordon is going to apply for reinstatement Wednesday and according to his manager, Gordon is in a great place mentally and physically.

He has been suspended for 43 games out of the last 48 and his possible return last season ended abruptly when he entered into rehab.

Josh Gordon will is restricted free agent come march 9th and many seen in the preseason last year that he still has the talent to be a star receiver.

Tampa knows this first hand when during last year’s preseason game, Gordon blew by Veteran cornerback Brent Grimes for a 44-yard catch and run then catching a 43-yard pass on Grimes for a touchdown.

In 2013 Gordon led the NFL with 1,646 yards, however, he has been suspended in each of his last three seasons.