Bucs stand by Jameis Winston and so do we.


GM Jason Licht and HC Dirk Koetter spoke a little, at the combine, about the Jameis Winston elementary school crap. Koetter stated that Jameis made a mistake and he owned up to it. Koetter also pointed out that Jameis is only 23, and for anyone, regardless of age, having to stand behind a microphone and give a speech regardless of location, is going to make mistakes, now and again.

And it is true, people misspeak all the time and are often misunderstood. I believe this is what happened with Winston. Also, if it wasn’t such a slow period in sports news, I believe this may have been overlooked altogether, well, maybe not overlooked entirely, but certainly not blown up to the proportions that it had been.

Jameis owned up to his mistake and admitted that he was only trying to make an effort to interact with a young boy who didn’t seem to be paying attention, in an attempt to not embarrass him by singling him out, he ended up using poor wording and ultimately overshadowed his intended message.

GM Jason Licht agrees that Jameis used a poor choice of words, but also respects Winston’s quick response in acknowledging his error. Licht made it clear that he and the organization are fully supportive of their young quarterback and that includes everyone all the way up to team Glazer.

People make mistakes and football players are human too, yes the spotlight will nitpick every little thing it can and the media will have a field day with those mishaps, but to take away from the positive Jameis does throughout the community based solely on a slip of the tongue, is ludicrous.

Also, for those writers who covered this”fiasco” and started and ended, or even mentioned the allegations from anything prior to the NFL, should be ashamed. Stop reaching for straws. The whole thing is nonsense and this is why Bucs Report never even mentioned it until now.