Mike Glennon gaining interest as FA draws near.


A recent report has come out that the New York Jets will be making a “big push” to sign free agent Mike Glennon as soon as FA begins. However, the general belief is that the Chicago is expected to make a move to sign Glennon as well.


To make matters a little more interesting, the Pittsburgh Steelers name has also been thrown into the mix. Tampa has also been rumored to have thrown their hat into the ring by offering to make Mike Glennon the highest paid backup in the league.


The Steelers name being thrown into the mix makes some sense as Roethlisberger’s name has been attached to retirement whispers, although I believe that has a slim chance of happening in the next couple of seasons. I think that it’s unlikely that the Steelers will make any significant move to sign Glennon, who doesn’t want to be a backup for another team.


The Jets and the Bears go after Glennon make perfect sense. Both teams could be in need of a starting QB for the 2017 season, with the rumors of Cutler to retire pending a trade, and the Jets having nothing but young guys with minimal experience.


It is still the most common belief that Glennon will likely be in a Chicago Bears uniform, next season.