Destined for Greatness


DeSean Jackson has signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. What does this mean for the Buccaneers? It means that this offense may be one of the greatest Buccaneers offenses of all-time. Jameis Winston is already putting up huge numbers in his first two seasons with Tampa. He’s had some decent receivers to throw to, but nothing like the combination of Evans and DeSean Jackson.


What does Jackson bring to Tampa?….speed! He is a burner and can rip the top off a defense better than anyone in the league. He only scored four times last year with the Redskins, but he did have over 1,000 yards. Jackson made the game easier for Cousins and company. DeSean Jackson has been labeled a bad locker room guy and somewhat of a whiner, but Tampa Bay may just be the answer he is looking for at this stage of his career. How could anyone be upset in Tampa Bay with that kind of weather all the time? 


With the addition of Jackson, the Buccaneers could not only make the playoffs this year but be perennial playoff contenders. The only problem Jameis could run into is not getting the ball in his hands fast enough to get these receivers the ball. Bucs fans get ready for greatness.