Josh McCown signs with the Jets.


Josh McCown has played for seven different teams in his 14-year career and now it seems that he will play for the 8th different team, in 2017. McCown was signed by the New York Jets to a one-year contract that will pay him $6 million fully guaranteed with up to a total of $13 million in incentives.


Josh McCown was the Buccaneers QB during our ugly 2-14 season, in which we were rewarded with the number one overall draft selection in 2015. Thanks, Josh!.


Oddly enough, after he was released by Tampa he was quickly snatched up by the Cleveland Browns, where at the beginning of the 2015 season, McCown looked to be a totally different QB. He played outstanding football for the first four games.


McCown is known to have those types of flashes where he looks to be an All-Pro QB then returns to playing bad again.


McCown looks to fix his 2-20 record that he has accumulated over the past three seasons and help the Jets rebuild their football team.


Whether or not he will be awarded the starting role is up in the air and at this point. But with his contract allowing for $7 million in incentives leads me to believe he will be the guy on day one.


McCown can definitely be the starter as he is experienced, but his consistency is highly questionable.