Beast Mode Returning?


Rumors have been coming out for a while that Beast Mode wants to return to football and according to sources close to the situation, that is more than a rumor. Recently Lynch met with the Raiders head coach, Jack Del Rio, and considering they let their previous feature back, Latavius Murray, high tail it to the Fa and sign with the Vikings, they will be in need of another feature back. Lynch would more than fit the bill.

Lynch is from Oakland and it would come as no surprise to anyone that if he did return that it would be for his former hometown team. However, Lynch’s return would not be a simple matter. Lynch is still under contract with the Seattle Seahawks and in order for Lynch to return to the NFL and join the Raiders, he would have to be released by the Seahawks or a trade worked out between the two teams.

If the Seahawks are not willing to release Lynch or a trade cannot be worked out then Lynch would stay retired. Beast Mode only wants to unretire if he can play for the Raiders. With Derek Carr returning from injury, Lynch would add that key component to the rest of the Raiders offensive arsenal and push them even further towards a run at the Lombardi trophy.

Before Raiders or Beast Mode fans get too excited, Lynch would have to be in football shape after being injured nine games in 2015 and being away from football for a year.