What’s Next for Doug Martin?


To say that Doug Martin’s career has been up and down would be an understatement for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Martin was drafted in 2012 by the Buccaneers in the hopes that he would shore-up the backfield, and despite his injuries, Martin since 2012, Martin has racked up over 4,200 yards and 23 rushing touchdowns. The “Muscle Hamster” has been injury-prone for most of his career, but he has been in the news for a different reason the past few months; Martin was suspended for using P.E.D’s and went to rehab.


Since the suspension, Martin has finished rehab and is ready to report to OTA’s.  Does he deserve another chance with the Buccaneers? Martin, when healthy, has been very efficient and provides a much-needed security blanket for Jameis Winston. Martin recently tweeted a photo back at his alma mater that stated, “Never forget where you came from.” It seems that he has the right mindset needed to get back on the field and help the Buccaneers take the next step in their young organizations future.


The Buccaneers have also been linked to several names, including the biggest one in Adrian Peterson, so it seems that Tampa is still on the fence when it comes to the Doug Martin. Only time will tell what they decide to do with him, but the good thing is that Tampa Bay got the guaranteed money back that Martin was owed when he got suspended.