Someone deliberately spread false rumors about Dalvin Cook?


Dalvin Cook is clearly a Bucs fan favorite and is considered to be one of the better running backs in this year’s draft, but it seems his draft stock has been on a steady decline, as of late, and that could be accredited to a saboteur.


Off the field issues and work ethic has been the main reasons for his decline. That suits Bucs fans, who want Tampa to select him at 19th, just fine. These rumors and issues that have been brought to light are believed to be coined from a disgruntled agent.


According to Tony Villani, who runs the XPE Sports facility, in Boca Raton, where Cook did most of his pre-draft training, the rumors about Cook’s work ethic are 100% untrue. As far as his off the field issues, yes, he had some in high school and in the beginning of his FSU career, but it seems he hasn;t had any issues since.


The word on the street is that scouts have called Villani and told him that Cook is notorious for being late to workouts and that he would often show up smelling of alcohol, however, Villani stands firm that those rumors are wrong and has even made Cook’s agency aware of the rumors.


In all likelihood, the rumors were sparked by a disgruntled agent or agency that Cook may have looked at as a possible group to represent him, and then decided to use another agency instead.