Some call him Martin’s clone.


Many fans were chomping at the bit for a running back and the Bucs threw them a crumb in the fifth round.


Jeremy McNichols isn’t exactly who everyone wanted and in fact, many have no idea who he is. Both Martin and McNichols went to Boise State, both had solid careers there. McNichols, who is 5’9 and 212 lbs, is considered by many to be Doug Martin 2.0. I personally cannot make that assessment, but time will tell. But what I do know, is that McNichols came within 226 yards, in his three years at Boise State and most of that in two seasons, of Doug Martin’s five-year rushing total of 3,431 yards.


McNichols also totaled one more TD than Martin with 44. He also beat Martin’s five-year receiving total of 715 yards and 4 TDs, with 1,089 yards and 11 TDs. Another satisfying note is that McNichols had scored a touchdown in 24 straight games in his final two seasons at Boise.


The fifth-round draft pick isn’t exactly a Doug Martin clone on film, but on paper, he is superior and could be a viable replacement (down the road) if something were to, God forbid, happen to Martin.