The Buccaneers will not re-sign seven free agent players.


The window for these seven free agent Bucs players, Vincent Jackson, Gosder Cherilus, Brandon Myers, Cecil Shorts, Daryl Smith, Antone Smith, and John Hughes, to be re-signed by the Buccaneers has passed.

It comes as no surprise to many Bucs fans that these guys will not return to the team this season. Gosder Cherilus retired, Daryl Smith hadn’t planned on playing as long as he had, Cecil Shorts’ injury is likely to be one that will keep him from making the team and maybe not return to the NFL this year at all.

Antone Smith was brought in last season as a filler for a depleted depth chart and in the prior two season hadn’t seen much playing time, and John Hughes was also filler for depleted depth in the defensive tackle position, and Brandon Myers was getting old.

Vincent Jackson, who was plagued by injuries the past couple seasons, is also not surprising to see not return. However, as a fan, I hate to see him leave as his veteran presence on the team and works within the community will be something that is surely missed.