How Versatile: 4-3 or 3-4


4-3 or 3-4 many Bucs fans have been wondering what is really going to run.

Last season when Mike Smith came along he said the Bucs will be a versatile defense with multiple looks. Last year the Bucs didn’t have much of the personnel to run much of any front other than 4 down linemen.

Fast forward to this upcoming season there has been a noticeable change in personnel. With the drafting of Noah Spence, last year and Stevie T and Kendall Beckwith this year’s and the free agent signing of Chris Baker really has the Bucs faithful wondering if they are slowly drifting to a 3-4.

In the upcoming season, the defense seemingly has the ammo to be one of the most versatile teams in the league. With a 4-3 there could be different lineups. Ayers and Gholston at the end spots, and Baker alongside McCoy. Another lineup could be Spence and Smith at the ends, with Stevie T and Gholston inside for the tackles.

In the 3 man front,  Baker, Stevie T, and Gholston could be the main guys with Spence and Beckwith coming off the ends. Also can get a little quicker with Ayers, McCoy, Spence, and David coming off the ends.
Mike smith could have some fun with NFL offenses this upcoming season with all these weapons and different looks he can give everyone!