PFF calls Mike Evans one of the best under 25 offensive players in the NFL.


On rare occasions, PFF does give the Tampa Bay Buccaneers a thumbs up and they did so again when they released their BEST PLAYER UNDER 25 YEARS OLD AT EVERY OFFENSIVE POSITION article. Dak Prescott was given the top ranking at the QB position for under 25 but at least Jameis Winston was given an honorable mention.

Evans, of course, made their under 25 list as the best receiver for his age and was given a PFF grade of 93.3. That’s pretty much a no brainer. But what surprised me is the fact that Evans was also considered to be their second best overall wide receiver. The fact that he is ranked as one of the top five best receivers in the NFL, is not a shocker. The fact that PFF showed him love is. But then again if you are really paying attention to the NFL it’s not hard to see Mike Evans’ pace at the top. You would have to be totally blind or… Well, let’s just say blind.

Ali Marpet was also named on this list and was given a PFF grade 84.5, which again is a no-brainer, considering he is one of the best run blocking and pass blocking guards out there. I haven’t seen a PFF under 25 defense list yet, but I can pretty much put a pin in the fact that Kwon Alexander will be on that list. At least he better be.