2017 Buccaneers: Better than last year?


So as we all know the FPI was released a few weeks ago saying the Buccaneers pretty much have no shot at the playoffs this year, and that we will be dead last in the division. I don’t know about you but that seriously hurt my feelings. I mean look at the New Orleans Saints. They have no defense and then they lost their star wide receiver Brandin Cooks, but yet they have a higher percentage to win the NFC South!!

In 2016 the Buccaneers offense ranked 16th in passing yards and 24th in rushing yards. Our defense was ranked 22nd in passing and rushing yards allowed. Those numbers have to be much better if we are going to make a strong playoff run. We had a lot of injuries that really hindered our potential for a playoff run. Some of those injuries were to Adam Humphries, J.r. Sweezy, Chris Conte, Doug Martin, and Vincent Jackson.

There were a few games that Roberto Aguayo missed an extra point or field goal that changed the memento of the game in our opponents favor. This year the Buccaneers are making sure that will not be the reason we lose a game. They brought in Nick Folk for that very reason and to add competition to the kicking game. The Buccaneers will play the best kicker that gives us the chance to win games if it was to come down to an XP/FG.

In the off-season, the Buccaneers revamped our offense and defense by adding players like Justin Evans (draft), O.J. Howard (draft), J.J. Wilcox (FA), Chris “Big man” Baker (FA) and of course star receiver DeSean Jackson (FA). With all these additions there is no way the Buccaneers are not going to be worse in 2017 and they weren’t terrible in 2016 though really. I believe the Buccaneers will have a top 5 offense and top 10 defense in this league that will lead us to an 11-5 record and a NFC SOUTH CHAMPIONSHIP! AND HOPEFULLY A SUPER BOWL APPEARANCE! GOOOOO BUCS!!!