Will Adam Humphries’ role diminish in 2017?


Adam Humphries was a solid player last year, catching 55 passes for 622 receiving yards, 402 of which were gained after-the-catch, and 2 touchdowns, earning the #2 rank on Football Outsiders 2016 YAC+ list.

But with new addition Chris Godwin, who impressed in OTAs, along with DeSean Jackson and O.J. Howard on the field, alongside Cameron Brate and Mike Evans, will that leave much room for Humphries? There’s a lot of speculation on whether or not the presence of Jackson on the field will open things up for Evans, as well as the possibility of Humphries losing a lot of snaps in the coming season. But this will all boil down to how they plan their offense this year.

“You’re going to get your best guys out there and you’re going to move them around, match-up wise. We haven’t had very many days where we’ve had all of our receivers here on the same day. The most consistent guys, since we’ve been out here, have been Godwin and Adam Humphries. Those guys have been making plays every day. I’m really happy with what Chris is doing, but he could play in or out either one.” Dirk Koetter said. It sounds like both guys are working hard and doing well. While there will always be changes as a result of new players signing on to the team, it remains to be seen whether the new changes will affect Humphries role or not. I am curious to see how it all plays out.