DeSean Jackson’s speed coupled with Evans will have defenses scrambling this season


DeSean Jackson shows no signs of slowing down going into his 10th year in the NFL, and he is changing things up in a big way for the Buccaneers. He’s logged 498 receptions, 8,819 receiving yards, and 46 touchdowns during his career. Last year he gained 17.9 yards per catch and his 22.6 MPH 56-yard reception against the Cardinals was the 2nd highest top speed of any ball carrier in the league, which is why he is among one of the league’s top deep threats. So paired with Mike Evans, this is going to have defenses scrambling and scratching their heads in the coming season.

“He’s really fast. It’s something different to cover. We have a big guy in Mike and now we have a speedy guy in D-Jax, so it’s giving me both looks. You can get whatever type of receiver on whatever down and every rep is like a game rep.” Says teammate Hargreaves.

It’s no secret the Bucs hit the jackpot when they signed free agent DeSean Jackson in the offseason, and his new teammates know it. They have the best of both worlds with Jackson and Evans when it comes to a killer offense. Not only is he bringing speed to their game, he also brings a cool confidence and experience.

“Obviously they brought me here for a reason. I’m here for a reason so I want to accommodate that and do things of that nature to be in the right spot at the right time, especially when he (Winston) drops back and he’s going through his progression. I feel like I’m going to do my best job to get open, beat my guy, beat my man, from there do the best I can to score a touchdown or whatever it is I’m called to do, so you know whether it be the experience or just me being calm and collective, and just knowing what to expect, going on my 10th year this season.” said Jackson during a press conference on day 2 of mini-camp. “I think everybody has a different edge to the game. I’m not taking away any credit from past receivers I’ve played with in my time, but Mike is obviously a future great, he’s a very physical receiver, can get down the field and make big plays. Having that combination of a speedy guy and a bigger guy, it’s going to be interesting how it goes on the field. I’m excited about that and I know he is as well and I know a lot of fans are too, so I’m just going to get down, buckle down and get ready for July, August, and September and into the season.”