All Eyez On DeSean Jackson.


When I titled this I wasn’t exactly talking about how everyone’s eyes will be glued to our newest wide receiver this season, although that is true as well, I was actually talking about his Tupac Documentary that will be dropping this Friday (Pac’s birthday) at a theater near you.

Jackson invested with his partner and co-producer, L.T. Hutton took writer John Singleton’s “All Eyez on Me” off hold and into fruition. Singleton is a longtime writer/ director and is best known for writing/ directing such hits as Boyz n the Hood, Baby Boy, Poetic Justice, Higher Learning, Four Brothers, 2 Fast 2 Furious, Hustle & Flow, Shaft (2000),  many and much more. An impressive jacket to say the least.

Friday would have been Pac’s 46th birthday. He was gunned down in Las Vegas in September of 1996 during a drive by that was left as a controversial unsolved murder.

30-year-old DeSean Jackson was born in L.A. and having grown up in Crenshaw fully understood what influenced some of Pac’s greatest hits. One such hit that he related to the most was one of Pacs greatest, All Eyez On Me.

(Picture credit: DeSean Jackson’s Facebook)