Our Defense Will Help Jameis Improve.


Jameis Winston has received a ton of praise for throwing for over 8,000 yards in his first two seasons, but he has also received a ton of criticism for the number of turnovers amassed during that time. However, this year could be different.

The Tampa Bay secondary did not get a lot of praise last season and many believed it to be subpar, but that was that truly the case? Last season Brent Grimes ranked among the best corners in the league and in the last five games of the season, Keith Tandy “Ball Hawked” his way into everyone’s heart with four interceptions.

Vernon Hargreaves is improving, in practice this year, and has been showing a knack for finding his way to the football for takeaways. Although it is considered not good that Jameis is throwing a high number of interceptions in practice, it does give him room to seriously improve.

If our secondary proves to be the ‘Ball Hawking’ group that it is appearing to be, then Jameis will be able to learn how to avoid those pesky picks, during the regular season. It is not just the secondary that will help Jameis and the offense, but the defensive lineman as well. The heavy pressure set on the QB by our D-line will surely help Jameis locate receivers quicker and avoid interceptions more often.

Winston has praised our defense and believes it is going to be great this year, and although, he as a leader, always takes the time to praise his teammates, it seems his praise is being earned by those who have witnessed them in practice. Winston also admitted that because their defense is great the offense will benefit from them tremendously.

Last season our defense was ranked third in the league in turnovers with 11 fumbles recovered and 18 interceptions. Jameis was intercepted 18 times last season, hopefully battling our much-improved secondary, will lower those numbers by half.