Mike Evans Ready To Help Lead His Team Past Playoff Drought


The fourth-year pro and favorite target of Jameis Winston, Mike Evans, is more than ready to do his part in helping the Buccaneers end their playoff drought. Mike had quickly become the Bucs top receiver, one of the best in their history, and one of the top receivers in the NFL, since coming into the league in 2013.

Evans is more than a stat leading wide receiver he is a leader on his team. Having to become a leader on his team he is more than eager to accept those responsibilities and he should do well in them as he had learned under the tutelage of Vincent Jackson.

Evans even made it clear that although being looked at as a leader may be different it is really the same. He has always been a leader since he’s joined the team, he was a leader right alongside Vincent Jackson.

With the additions of DeSean Jackson, who should take a ton of pressure off of Mike Evans freeing up for him to excel, and the addition of Godwin added to the first round pick O.J. Howard mixed in with Cameron Brate and the wily Adam Humphries, the receiver’s role in helping to end the playoff drought should be fairly easy.