‘O2 Bucs make Football Outsider’s top 30 teams of the past 30 years list


Football Outsiders have a new list out ranking the NFL’s top 30 teams in the past 30 years. The Bucs’ rank in the top 10 with their 2002 championship team at #9. The year the Buccaneers defeated the Raiders at the Superbowl 48-21. They broke their top teams into subcategories, including the top offenses and defenses with the Buc’s defense led by Warren Sapp and Derrick Brooks ranking in at #2.

“This is the best pass defense of the past 30 years. According to DVOA, the Bucs were 51.9 percent more efficient than the baseline during the regular season. They allowed 4.5 net yards per pass, the third-best figure of the past 20 years. They allowed opposing quarterbacks to complete just 51 percent of passes. Adam Schantz wrote.

“They led the league with 31 interceptions, nearly double the league average of 16.5. They were at their best in the most important situations: No. 1 in the red zone, No. 1 in the second half of close games, and No. 3 against the pass on third downs. Defensive end Simeon Rice, defensive tackle Warren Sapp and linebacker Derrick Brooks were all selected as first-team All-Pros, with linebacker Shelton Quarles and safety John Lynch joining them in the Pro Bowl.”