Will a Bucs defender reach 10 sacks this year?



Since Michael Bennett recorded 9 sacks for Tampa Bay in 2010, Gerald McCoy’s rookie season, no one has come close to reaching, much less surpassing double-digit sack totals other than Gerald McCoy. Do you remember the Buccaneer that last reached 10 sacks? Give up? It was Simeon Rice.

In 2016, Robert Ayers joined the Buccaneers and believed he could be our 10 sack guy that year. Ayers was coming off a 9 sack season in New York in 2015 but only managed to quietly record 6.5 sacks last year. Maybe this will be the year.

McCoy has stated repeatedly that 10 sacks are an impressive milestone and is the mark of an elite lineman. GMAC has been one of the most productive linemen in the NFL for several years now and has recorded 42.5 sacks in his 5-year career. Heading into his sixth season.

I believe that McCoy has a better chance of hitting that 10 plus mark than he’s ever had. The addition of Chris Baker helps tremendously. His addition gives McCoy something he really hasn’t had and that’s someone to help cause major disruption in the trenches, which should allow McCoy to get more pressure on the quarterback and achieve a high number of sacks.

Many believe Noah Spence can be that guy also, but I do not believe it will happen in 2017, maybe not even 2018. I do, however, believe it will happen sometime down the road. Will Golston returns and so does Jacq Smith and that will help McCoy’s cause by keeping the tackles eyes focused on these two on the outside.

It is the second year of Mike Smith’s defense so there is nothing new to learn, let’s just hope that there are a lot of sacks recorded this season.

Edited by: Harmeet Kapur