PFF says Tampa has the 4th best passing game.


Tampa’s passing game is lead by stud QB Jameis Winston, and in his first two seasons, he made history and he did without a full arsenal at his disposal. During the offseason, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers worked to complete their aerial assault team by adding veteran speedster DeSean Jackson. Jackson will join one of PFF’s favorite and highly rated receivers, Mike Evans. The duo will unleash havoc upon opposing defense and have defensive coordinators yanking their hair out and throwing their clipboards.

But the additions did not stop there. The Buccaneers were not finished with adding offensive weapons and drafted a couple more. Bucs selected O.J. Howard with their first round selection and all that I have been hearing about this guy is that he is amazing. Jameis said in a recent interview that Howard is the most athletic 6-foot-6, 255 lbs guy he has ever seen. I believe it too.  I hadn’t watched any kind of NCAA football championships in years and happened to catch both Bama vs Clemson games and yeah O.J. is bad ass and if anyone remembers how I posted some stuff on Bucs Report about him back then, knows I wanted him on our team!

O.J. and Brate should prove impossible to control allowing for easy first downs and quick TD’s in the RZ. look out NFL! But if those four I mentioned earlier do not prove to be everything everyone is making them out to be then, another Buccaneer’s addition of third-round draft pick Chris Godwin coupled with third-year slot stud Adam Humphries should prove to be that and more. I like this ranking it makes a lot of sense!

If you are interested in seeing who sandwiches Tampa in the rankings you can check out the full PFF article Here.