Jameis Winston Wears Knee Brace During Saturday’s Training Camp


Tampa Buc fans showed up at one Buc, on Saturday, prepped to watch their favorite team get ready for the upcoming season, but what the fans were not prepped for, was Jameis Winston in a knee brace.

Jameis Winston practiced with a knee brace on his left knee, Saturday, but it had nothing to do with an injury. It seems that Jameis was testing out some new technology that was created to prevent injury.

Dirk Koetter stated that a lot of quarterbacks wear a brace on one leg that it is the latest and greatest technology so, Jameis will be demo-ing it during camp.

Dirk also, made it perfectly clear that Jameis is not injuries that the brace is all precautionary, as guys that hit QBs in the midst of a throw, tend to knock out one leg and that could cause terrible consequences for our QB.