Stability for Buccaneers


In the NFL, most coaches have short stints with a franchise. The NFL is considered a win now league. This may be a huge year for Tampa Bay Buccaneers Head Coach Dirk Koetter.

Koetter has everything needed to win in the NFL with the franchise quarterback, wide receiver, and a solid defense. After his rookie season, the Buccaneers (9-7) were watching the playoffs from home once again. Koetter was solid as a head coach and offensive coordinator in college but only had a team with 10 wins twice. Koetter has always been an offensive mind, but it is a different game when it comes to scoring against top-tier defenses in the NFL.

The NFC South will be another tough match-up this year for the Buccaneers, but this team is up for the challenge. Koetter learned a lot from his time as the offensive coordinator in Jacksonville and Atlanta. Passing the offensive coordinator position to Coach Monken may turn out to be a wise choice. GM Jason Licht will give him a fair chance at leading the Buccaneers, but with all the talent surrounding him, the question is how long that leash will ultimately be for Koetter?