LeSean McCoy to Tampa?


ecently there has been a rumor going around that the Buffalo Bills are looking to trade LeSean McCoy and that there has been a buzz  that Tampa is an interested party. There was Tweet released, Tuesday, that fueled fan frenzy over a possible trade between Tampa and Buffalo.

There is no truth to any trade scenario involving the Buccaneers and the Bills. As a matter of fact there isn’t even a trade scenario involving the LeSean McCoy anywhere on in table in any mind that matters within the Bills organization. The idea of the Bills trading McCoy likely sprung from the recent trade of Sammy Watkins, one of the Bill’s best two players on the team.

Tampa seems to be fully stocked with a stable of running backs and although they are trying to build a team in order to make a strong push into the post season, and Doug Martin is to miss a few games, it’s highly unlikely that the Bucs would make such a terrible move. Despite last year’s second round trade up.

The only way that the Bills would trade McCoy right now, is if they were to receive a much better player than he was in return. Something, I would think, Tampa is going to be not interested in doing.

I already know what your response to this article should be, as it should be, non article, not going to happen. Duh!