Doug Martin. “I’ve just got to start acting like a vet.”


During the the third episode of Hard Knocks,  Doug Martin opens up about his struggles

“I definitely went through a journey last year, Everybody has tough times . Everybody reaches a low point. I stood up and said I needed help, and definitely turned a negative into a positive. Because right now, I’m definitely  a better person because of it.”

Also stating in the interview, “I’m getting to the vet years and I’ve just got to start acting like a vet.”

Although, he will miss the first 3 games of the season, serving out his 4 game suspension, he has been open about his rehab and  I am happy to hear he faced his issues head on and has bounced back. In what I have seen of him in preseason, he is playing well and is in really good shape. I think we are going to see some great things from him this year.