Trust in ‘Quiz!


With all the talk of the big names being cut from all around the league the past two days and who fans think we need to sign, let me reiterate how crucial RB Jacquizz Rodgers was to this offense last year in Doug Martin’s absence on minimal numbers to rejuvenate this football team after some downtrodden losses.

His stats aren’t eye popping to the casual passerby, but by reviewing game logs it’s quite clear his importance at a time of real need. The Bucs came into a Monday Night matchup in Carolina after a couple butt whippings from the Cardinals and Broncos, with a head scratching loss to the Rams in between for good measure. A mightily struggling run game came to life all of a sudden on the shoulders of the diminutive 5’6 tailback. 35 touches for 128 total yards and a Bucs 17-14 win to halt a 3 game losing streak.

On a short 6 day, week heading into San Fran the following Sunday; who granted had a historically foul run defense;  the Bucs again leaned heavily on ‘Quiz in an always tough west coast game for this franchise in general. ‘Quiz finished with 26 carries for 154 yards to help a strong 34-17 victory at Levi Stadium. His touches tailed off with the return of Doug after that insane Raiders shoot out (still had 19-69 in that game), but ‘Quiz was a major catalyst to get this football team rolling toward a hopeful playoff berth and a 5-2 mark from the Monday Night Carolina game and on. He’s proved he can be depended on if need be! Go Bucs baby!