Buccaneers Add OT To Practice Squad.


The Buccaneers have made some configurations to the practice squad and despite Irma keeping the Bucs from practicing this week, it doesn’t stop the team from making moves.

Bucs have signed offensive tackle Justin Murray to the practice squad. Murray is a first year tackle, who was a part of the Denver Broncos team last season, has not seen any regular season game appearances, but had contributed in their training camp this year.

He spent all of last year on the Broncos practice squad, but never was activated to the roster. He joined the Denver football team as an undrafted free agent.

Murray hails from Cincinnati, Ohio and attend the University of Cincinnati where he played for two seasons and appeared in only one game.

Murray is clearly inexperienced, however, it seems that the Buccaneers believe that they can mold him into something useful. If not, he will turn out to be nothing but a body to keep the practice squad full.