Week 2 vs. Chicago Bears Game Analysis by Hagen


So, now that our season opening game is in the books, how do we summarize our first game? … Well,  this will definitely work: “Very impressive!”

That first regular season game was a great overall effort by the Buccaneers. But first things first, let’s start out with our defense, which played even better than our offense. Chicago’s run game? Non-existent! Our front seven looked stout and motivated. Not only did they eliminate the running game almost entirely, holding Jordan Howard under 1 yard per carry, they were also able to put Glennon under pressure constantly, creating three turnovers. Lavonte was all over the field. Beckwith had an excellent debut, playing exceptionally well in coverage.
Let’s just hope now that Kwon will be fine!

On offense, we played a solid game, as well. We found a way to move the ball, get first downs. Winston looked sharp. His numbers might not be too flashy, but he made good reads and, very importantly, did not make major mistakes. Fortunately, Mike Evans was dynamite once again, grabbing 7 balls for 93 yards and a score. Winston missed DeSean Jackson on a couple of deep passes by not very much. That will only get better as the season progresses, though.
Jacquizz played solid on the ground in the absence of Doug and  Peyton Barber made the most of his opportunities averaging 4.7 yards on 10 carries late in the game. Other than the Sims fumble, there is not much to criticize about the offensive effort. Maybe the missed extra point… But hey, at least Folk made all his field goals, including a very tough one from 50 yards. So let’s give him a break.

Let’s keep the mindset of yesterday’s game and focus on Minnesota. Time to go 2-0 now. One game at a time.
Go Bucs!