DeSean and Jameis weigh in on their lack of chemistry


Despite the large amounts of practice time Jackson and Winston get together, Jackson is still having trouble connecting on key plays with Winston. And after watching Jackson throw his helmet down as he walked off the field this past Sunday, after failing to connect with Winston on a pivotal 2-point conversion during the Giants game, it became even more apparent that the lack of chemistry is frustrating for the power players.

The Buccaneers had high hopes when they brought in DeSean, who has been one of the leagues biggest deep ball threats. But averaging career-lows with only 9 catches for a total of 143 yards gained, he hasn’t had the impact they were hoping for…Yet!  But, lets be honest, we are only 3 games in, there is still plenty of time to turn this around.

“I think I just got to get on track with him, I have to play better in all respects. He’s doing what he does, getting open. But again, it’s the third game. I don’t want to talk about, ‘I got to do this, I have to get DJac the ball.’ It’s obvious I’ve got to get him the ball. He’s going to make this team better. But at the same time, he’s happier with winning than anything else.”   Winston said, on Tuesday.

Jackson also weighed in, saying that he’s not quite sure what the problem is. “I wish I had the answer for you; we’re professionals. We’re NFL players. We get paid to do a job. We need to go out there and execute the plan. It’s only been three games. I hope sooner than later we can connect. I feel like me being a professional in this league, 10 years in, I’ve been through a lot in my career. But I’m not going to jump ship. I’m going to stay on point, stay on plan and I guess eventually it will come together. I’ve just got to continue to go out there and keep beating, beating away and doing things a little bit better.” Jackson said, per the Tampa Bay Times.