Week 6 @ Arizona Cardinals Game Prediction by Hagen


After a heartbreaking loss against the reigning champions, we are now headed to the desert to face the struggling Arizona Cardinals. Arizona has not been able to find a rhythm so far. They are forced to play without their do-it-all offensive weapon David Johnson. Arizona’s attempt to replace David Johnson with Chris Johnson failed, which made them trade for Adrian Peterson. Peterson did not get on track at all with New Orleans, but he is still a force to be reckoned with whenever he touches the ball.

As of now, it looks like Kwon will be back this week, which will be very important as far as keeping Peterson in check is concerned.

Arizona’s defense has been mediocre at best this season and nothing like the fearsome unit it used to be. Jameis Winston should find a way to get multiple scores this week, especially with Martin back. Look for Martin to play a huge role in this game and run all over the Cardinals.

I am predicting the Bucs to get this very important road victory with a final score of 28 -21!

Go Bucs!