Sunday is a must win!


So 2017 hasn’t gone exactly like the Buccaneers have expected. Our defense is one of the worst in the league, we have had some key injuries that have slowed us down and the play calling has been sub-par AT BEST! Currently, the Buccaneers are top ten in offense, but in the bottom two in defense! That is completely UNACCEPTABLE!

We all know the Buccaneers offense was going to be one of the leagues best, even though it does take time to get the offense going each week. With the lack of pass rush, our defensive secondary is getting exploited every week. Last week Vernon played much more aggressive and looked halfway decent at times. Ward got burnt by a tight end for a touchdown. If the defense can’t get pressure on the QB then our secondary is going to fall apart every week.

Coach Smith needs to be on the field every game instead of the press box. He needs to hold our defense accountable. We should have won that Buffalo game if the defense would have stopped them. Jameis and the offense can only do so much! This season isn’t over yet, we are a week behind everyone else and we still haven’t played any divisional games yet. Our first one will be at home this week against Carolina. Our defense needs to show up! If we can finish the season strong and finish 8-2 that would put us at 10-6 and should make wild card or even win the division.

All this is possible if our defense shows up! Our offense is starting to get a grove, but we can’t just allow a team to go up and down the field and score that easy! We must win this weekend and get this team fired up about the season! Coach Smith YOU WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE! Let’s GO BUCS! SEASON ISN’T OVER YET! BEND DON’T BREAK!