Racism in sports


Not Bucs related, but in a round about way, it is.
This is only MY opinion and does not reflect on Bucs Report!

Yesterday it was reported the racist owner of the Houston Texans, Robert McNair said during an owners only meeting last week that ‘we can’t let the inmates run the prison’. Now, even if you give him the benefit of doubt that he got the quote wrong, and instead meant to say asylum, it was not an analogy that should have ever been made. In my opinion, it goes to a bigger issue in sports, the way owners view players.

I genuinely feel there are more then a handful of owners in sports who view the players as nothing more then their slaves. Those ‘slaves’ risk a lot, risk their bodies and livelihoods to make the owners a lot of money, while the owner sits in his luxury box sipping a martini.

Do I think what McNair did has any parallels to the poster boy owner of racism, Donald Sterling? In a way, yes, I do. Now, I know McNair may or may not have the notorious history that Sterling had when the tapes of his racist comments, along with the use of the ‘N’ word were made public, only time will tell that, but this is his mentality, it is also Daniel Snyder’s mentality, and Jerry Jones. It is no wonder they supported another racist named Donald, one Donald J. Trump.

I was very proud to see Deandre Hopkins leave the facilities yesterday after hearing the owners comments. Adam Shefter reported yesterday that the players were planning some form of protest tomorrow when they play the Seahawks in Seattle.

Whether you are white or black, brown or purple, we all bleed the same. Racism has become so prevalent in this country that it is quickly falling off from being the United States of America to Trumps racist America.

More so then now, the players must stand together and stand up to owners like this. I, for one, cannot wait to see what the players decide to do tomorrow, I stand with them.