Is the Hard Knocks “curse” killing the Bucs?


It’s no secret that the majority of teams, that let HBO’s Hard Knocks cameras into their world, have gone on to have sub-par seasons, but is the “Hard Knocks Curse” real? A lot of Bucs fans are thinking, YES! After another devastating loss yesterday against the Panthers, there is not an article or social media post that doesn’t have at least 1/3 of the posters and commenters placing blame on the so-called curse.

And even though we touched on this subject at the start of the season; with our standing now sitting at 2-5 and Halloween knocking on our door, let’s get spooky and re-visit, shall we?

We went into this season with high hopes, a lot of us writers here at Bucs Report were calling this year “OUR” year, we could see the playoffs in the near future. Considering we added some new talent to our team, re-positioned some others and made some other needed changes. And by all accounts the team looked solid going into this season, Pre-season really highlighted what the team needed to work on, and it seemed as though they got the kinks worked out, couple that with a near shut-out win over the Bears to kick off the regular season, everyone was excited, to say the least. But somewhere along the line there was a derailment. Injuries have been picking our guys off at record speed, leaving us without some crucial players in some games, the kicking woes continued even after Aquayo was let go, (thankfully we seem to have gotten that figured out) and don’t get me started on defense and pass rush. So it’s no wonder fans are debating about what the issue is. Superstitions and sports go hand in hand, anyone remember Brian Dawkins pre-game ritual with the football, or Babe Ruths many rituals, one including silk stockings? So, it goes without saying that a slight superstition about the infamous hard knocks curse is looming in the minds of many Bucs fans.

Granted, the current state of the team can be attributed to many other actual issues, coaching, injuries, etc…The list goes on. But keeping in line with the Halloween spirit, I will entertain the “curse” theory for the time being. And win or lose, #BucsForLife.