Is it time to jump ship?


Let me start by saying, I will never jump ship!

That being said, many fans across the Tampa Bay Area, and beyond, are rightfully frustrated. This team, at the beginning of the season, had many fans, including myself, talking Super Bowl, or at the very least, playoffs. Now, we are just hoping for an 8-8 season.

What is the issue? The coaches? The players?

The team really isn’t succeeding in any facet of the game. The pass rush, after the Bears game, has been non-existent and the secondary is weaker than a wet brawny paper towel. The only position where we have some semblance of success is our linebacking corp. However, there is only so much our stud linebackers can do without help, either on the line, or in the secondary.

The offense, while ranked fairly high, has not produced as expected. Famous Jameis just isn’t right. His throws are off, sometimes by mere inches. He is making the same careless mistakes that have come to define his short time in the league.

The running game has shown flashes. Dougy fresh came on strong from suspension, but has since been supplanted by Rodgers and/or Sims, a true head scratcher. The team has a lot of issues. Sometimes it feels like the coaches aren’t coaching to win games, but rather, they are coaching to not lose. This trend seems all too familiar. Does one Greg Schiano ring a bell?

If this team wants a fan base that supports them, they have to produce a team worth cheering for. The season hangs in the balance and wins are not going to come easy. This team really needs to take it one practice at a time, one game at a time. We aren’t going to win out if we continue to make the careless mistakes we are.

Here’s to hoping the coaching staff can right this ship while the fans are still on board.

Edited By: Harmeet Kapur