Well Bucs fans, it seems as if that eerie feeling of the losing culture is circling around us again. Some fans will argue, did it ever really leave? Since the 2008 season, which is when this writer believes that whatever jinx and or curse, on this team came to be. See the Manning Monday Night massacre… fans you know exactly which game. The losing culture, circles this team, like a vulture circles its prey.

With a grand total of 3 winning season since then, last season being one of the three, the team’s overall performance, is not the winning culture that owners, players, or fans had hoped for. Since our last playoff appearance back in 2007. The Bucs continue to fall short of their potential.

Many fans felt that after a 9-7 record last season, the big off-season moves to improve the team, and the hype brought on by “Hard Knocks” that there was no way this team could come out flat and limp to a 2-5 record. Yet here we stand, and we can’t help but know the feeling all too well.

Coach Koetter was recently questioned during a Buccaneers Radio Network show, about the losing culture surrounding this team. A few of his responses were; “I thought that we kicked that last year, you know. I thought we were over that…Here we are on a losing streak…I don’t want to believe it’s culture…I want to believe that’s not what the reason is because we’ve worked so hard to overcome that.” We fans can’t help but feel as if this speech is all too familiar.

If the team’s performance continues to fall well short of its potential. The all too familiar coaching change, may follow swiftly behind. With the Gruden rumors already flying around, Coach Koetter surely feels his seat warming up.  The job offers any coach a chance to field a winner and “Buc” the trend.

There is still a glimmer of hope for the team this season, a quick and massive turnaround could right the ship easing the tension surrounding the organization. However, anything less than a 9-7 record, and a playoff berth, must feel like a step backwards, therefore continuing the losing culture and failing to break the cycle. We can hope for the best, but as always and are always prepared for the worst.