Battle Of The Bay’s Most Talked About Games – By BucsFanFromTN


The Bucs and the Packers used to be division rivals and played each other every year until 2003. The first meeting came in 1977 and unfortunately, the game was won by Green Bay 13-0 at the old Tampa Stadium. The Bucs first ever win against the Packers came in 1979 at Lambeau with 21-10 victory, the Bucs actually swept the Packers later that season the Bucs dominated the Packers 21-3.

The first ever tie in the series came in 1980 with a 14-14 score and the Bucs would not lose to the Packers again until 1983 as the Bucs were swept by the Packers that season, as the Bucs would not sweep the Packers again. The first post-season meeting came in the 1997 playoffs Lambeau with the Packers prevailing 21-7 over the Bucs.

The first meeting between the Bucs and the Packers as no longer division rivals came in 2002 at Raymond James Stadium, with both teams leading their divisions and being not just playoff contenders but Super Bowl contenders. The Bucs would defeat the Packers 21-7 and of course, this is probably the most talked about game in the history of the series as Bucs defensive tackle Warren Sapp’s vicious, but clean hit on Packers center Chad Cliffton, Packers head coach Mike Sherman approached Sapp because of the hit and definitely made a scene.

The last time the Bucs defeated the Packers was in 2009 at Raymond James Stadium, the Bucs were lead by first-year head coach Raheem Morris and the Bucs were winless coming into the game and it would also be the first-ever start for rookie quarterback Josh Freeman. The Bucs would upset the Packers 38-28, with the Bucs ahead 31-28 the Packers were threading for a game-winning drive Packers quarterback Aaron Rogers would throw a pick-six which would seal the deal for the Bucs as it resulted in the Bucs first ever win the Raheem Morris era.

I sure hope on Sunday the Bucs can snap the two-game losing streak to the Packers.