Winston: The Dark Side – by Josue Garcia

Sunday at the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field, our prized and often maligned leader, famous Jameis Winston hit another milestone, one that he shouldn’t be proud of. Winston turned the ball over on Sunday for the 52nd time in just 41 career games. Like me, I’m sure you’re wondering, exactly what the issue is. Is he simply undisciplined? Reckless? Is he not a franchise QB? What is the reason he hasn’t progressed? Let’s get into this a little bit.
In my opinion, the biggest issue may now be in his head. He seems to be thinking too much instead of just going out there and playing loose. Could it be the pressure of being the franchise QB is getting to him that he feels he has to carry the team week in and week out? Has he watched one too many highlights of the gun slinger, Brett Favre? Perfect example of this occurred on the field in Lambeau field. As Winston was wrapped up and on the way down, he tried to throw a pass from an awkward angle, lost the ball, and a defensive lineman caught it and returned it for a touchdown. In a game we lost in overtime, this turnover, like so many of Winston’s have been, was devastating to the team.
Jameis has now thrown 39 interceptions, and lost 12 fumbles in his 41 career games.
Last year, Winston fumbled 10 times in 16 games. This season, he has already reached that mark in just 9 starts. Jameis has to be more disciplined and learn to quit taking unnecessary risks that not only put his health in jeopardy, but also hurt the team.
He obviously feels the need to try to make everything happen, but he ends up hurting the team when he does that.
I know his yardage total and TD passes in his first 2 years are great, but the turnovers are lethal.
We can all agree that we would rather have a QB that makes less mistakes and manages the game, rather than one that hurts us on a consistent basis.
Winston will be entering the last year of his contract, and a payday is coming soon. The question is, if he keeps making rookie mistakes and turning the ball over at an alarming rate (2nd worst in the league since he was drafted), is he the long term answer at QB for this franchise? I know many fans will say yes and defend him, but that is a question only Jameis’ play, over the next 21 games, will answer. Until next time, Go Bucs!!!!!