The Winds of Change – By BritBuc


Not only the title of one of this writer’s favorite songs, but also something that needs to sweep through the Bay area.

A 24 to 21 loss on a last possession field goal. A gut punching defeat by anyone’s standards. But was it really? NOPE! This game was an abomination by anyone’s standards. The fact that this game will be recorded in history is a joke. The Bucs were thoroughly beaten in EVERY aspect of the game with players in all three phases looked like they didn’t know what they were supposed to be doing; or worse, they didn’t believe in what they were doing!

After a totally inept performance like the one that took place in the refines of Raymond James Stadium, the mood of the team has been heard loud and clear. Coach Koetter has lost the team. The last time we saw the players quit this badly at the start of a game was the end of the “Youngry” Bucs era under Raheem Morris. Change needs to happen at One Buc Place, and that change needs to bring accountability and discipline to the team. I’m not after a Schiano type, but someone who has the presence to keep these players focused and motivated.

Despite recent performances this team is talented and could challenge for the Super Bowl; they just need better leadership.