Koetter and Winston in Desperate Need of Wins to Close Out The Season – ByHagen


Now it is obvious that the 2017 season has been a complete disaster for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. A season that was supposed to be a turning point for a franchise that has not participated in the playoffs since Jon Gruden left. With a very promising season, last year and Quarterback Jameis Winston is developing nicely, things were looking very bright for Tampa Bay and first-year Head Coach Dirk Koetter. However, this year things have not at all gone as expected, as the Buccaneers are looking at a 4-9 record and, what is even worse, Jameis Winston, the face of the franchise, has not made the progress third-year quarterbacks usually do. In addition to not being able to deliver on the field, he has made some bad decision, such as triggering a fight between Mike Evans and Marshon Lattimore against the Saints, which caused our most valuable Wide Receiver to be suspended. Lots of Buccaneers fans want Winston gone and people are even comparing him to Josh Freeman. (<–click the name for article)

While the criticism is not totally unjustified, Tampa Bay’s terrible season is not mainly Winston’s fault. Remember that in three of our last five games, he tied the game in the fourth quarter or gave us the lead, our defense was just not able to capitalize and keep the opponents from scoring again. Delivering in the clutch, late in the game, is that not what you look for in a great quarterback? Winston has all the tools necessary to lead a franchise to success. Yet, he has to deliver now. Getting another win, better yet two would be very important for Jameis’ confidence and his future with this team. The only person who needs wins now even more than Winston is Dirk Koetter. If the Bucs lose all remaining three games this year, Koetter will most likely not be coaching in Tampa next year.