XFL 2.0?


It looks as if WWE Mogul Vince McMahon is going to try his hand once again at creating a professional football league.

An official announcement is scheduled for Thursday afternoon, January 25th, 2018 by Alpha Entertainment. McMahon is expected to sell close to $100 million in stock to fund his venture.

I do not see what he would continue to call it the XFL considering utter the epic failure the name represents.

The NFL has been criticized over the past few years for off and on the field, as well as protesting of the league itself,  so it will be interesting to see if this new venture of McMahon’s will gain popularity.

Despite the issues, the NFL is facing, it will be hard to compete with the league and the volume of spectators that are still loyal to the National football league. However, I do expect that this new league will draw a massive amount of interest. Although, many fans are ready for gimmick free football.