McCoy today on his locker room…”Accountability”


Image result for Gerald mccoy accountableA common theme among all great franchises, not only in football but in general business as well, is accountability. Every person can and will be accountable for their actions, beneficial or detrimental. This is why the majority of companies employ a chain of command to make sure accountability is at its peak. Managers. Supervisors. This is why teams like the New England Patriots can stay relevant even without the talent of many other teams. Look at Carolina. You know Thomas Davis and Luke Kuechly will hold you accountable. Veterans.

Image result for dirk koetterIn the Buccaneers’ case, accountability falls to Dirk and his veterans. Not Jameis. Not Doug. Not Kwon. Veterans like Gerald McCoy, Lavonte David, and Chris Baker. Granted, McCoy and David aren’t the brashest personalities on the roster, but either was Derrick Brooks and Ronde Barber. But those two guys MADE ABSOLUTELY SURE you were going to be lined up in the correct spot and reassured you the guy next to you will complete his job, his assignment. Accountability.

Image result for Robert ayers angry bucsYou can acquire all the best talent in the world on a 52 man roster, but if you’re lacking accountability in the locker room, you can quickly end up at 5-11 asking, “What the hell happened?”. This is a problem that only the veterans on this squad can solve. A man naturally will listen to his elders. It’s what we’re taught as young boys by our fathers. So the day when these grizzled veterans of the NFL say ‘Enough is Enough’ and decide to take back this locker room, and hence,  change the despondent culture going in deep inside One Buc Place.

Written By: Joseph Cox